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  • 6 BCPO (11)
    • a.Replace berths with CPO modular berths with privacy partitions and berth curtains arranged in six-person cubicles, as practical, with ten percent long berths. Total number of new berths shall be equal to or exceed the existing berthing and as a min  
    • b.Redistribute air supply terminals to provide overhead diffusers within each berth cubicle.  
    • c.Provide lockers for stowage of clothing and personal effects to meet or exceed minimums required per accommodations. For CPO (E7-E9) provide 14 cubic feet of locker space, 18 inches hanging space, 2 cubic feet seabag stowage and 0.75 cubic feet of  
    • d.Redistribute overhead lighting to conform to new arrangements. Provide one berth light per accommodation and mirror lights as required.  
    • e.Replace deck covering.  
    • f.Replace any damaged insulation.  
    • g.Paint bulkheads and overheads.  
    • h.Provide a means of secondary egress if one does not exist and berthing capacity exceeds 21 personnel.  
    • i.Provide recreation/lounge area in berthing compartments segregated from sleeping area with metal joiner bulkhead, if total bunk count and locker cubage meets minimum requirements. As a minimum for CPO (E7-E9) provide one seat and writing space for  
    • j.Provide storage for iron and ironing board.  
    • k.Provide bulletin boards, watch-quarter boards and mirrors.