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  • 6 System requirements (10)
    Verify that your computer system meets the minimum requirements for running Dynamic List. Modified:
    • 6 Windows NT/2000/XP with IIS version 5 or greater (3)
      • Web server   Used to host the ASP.NET web application.
      • SMTP server   Required by the application for sending automated e-mail messages.
      • Administrative permissions   Security level required for installing a new web application.
    • Microsoft .NET Framework »   Please ensure that you have a recent version of the .NET Framework.
    • A valid e-mail address   Used for administrative correspondence between you and your users. Also used for receiving some automated notifications generated by the application.
    • 4 MS Access database drivers (usually included with MS Windows OS) (2) There are two components to these drivers, the MDAC and the Jet (MS Access) drivers. These are usually included with your MS Windows operating system.
      • MDAC »   The Micrsoft Data Access Components allow application to use databases. This is usually included with your MS Windows operating system.
      • Jet version 4.0 or greater »   Jet is included in MDAC 2.5 and earlier. It is usually included with your MS Windows operating system.
    • Disk space   Several MB of space will be required by the application and the database.