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  • 6 Feature set (14)
    Notable features in the current product. Modified:
    • 6 Browser-based outliner (5) My original prototype allowed users to edit lists of lists, one list at a time. This version is a respectable outliner.
      • Heavy focus on ease-of-use  
      • Edit using IE 5.5 and above  
      • Read using recent-version browsers   Must support current standards for W3C DOM and CSS.
      • Performs well over DSL connections  
      • Quite usable over a dialup  
    • 6 Basic user account registration and maintenance (5) A minimal set of user account features have been created, refined, and tested. Some of these features are currently hidden, but they'll be back live next week.
      • Identity confirmation through e-mail  
      • Register with multiple e-mail addresses  
      • Change password  
      • sn  
      • Lost password  
    • Content permissions   Users may control how their information is shared with others. Still working on user permission UI, but the backend is working.
    • Unicode, through and through   Make no mistake. This outliner handles Kanji and Cyrillic just as well as Latin characters.