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  • 6 Install the database (2)
    • Determine a safe location for your database   The directory where you unzipped the application files should include a subdirectory named setup. In there you'll find an MS Access database named dynamiclist.mdb. For security reasons, it's advisable to store the database where it cannot be accessed by web users.

      For example, create a new directory named C:\Inetpub\databases\, and move the database file dynamiclist.mdb into this new directory.
    • Enable file permissions on the database directory   Your web application requires read/write permission on the directory where you've stored the database.

      Using the Windows Explorer, display the Properties page for this directory. Select the Security tab. Click on Add..., then Advanced..., and then Find Now. Select the user named IUSR_computername, and press OK twice. You should now be back at the Security tab. Enable Full Control for the user IUSR_computername, and press OK.

      Configuration note: On computers with the original release of the .NET Framework, select the user ASPNET rather than IUSR_computername.