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  • 6 Timeline (21)
    How I got to the current product. Modified:
    • 6 1997 (2)
      • Software evaulation   Researched whether I could improve project communication by using existing tools. Came up dissatisfied.
      • Schema design   Starting drafting database schemas for online discussion systems.
    • 1998-2000   Discussed the topic with friends and collegues, trying to see whether my ideas had any merit.
    • Finally got decent buy-in from someone who likes to organize information and runs complex projects where efficient communication is essential. Was encouraged enough to begin work on a prototype.

    • March 2001   Made significant headway in my R&D effort.
    • 4 August 2001 (10) Completed a functional web-based prototype.
      • 6 Feature set (5)
        • Lists of lists  
        • Edit one list at a time  
        • Drag and drop  
        • Anyone can access it on the web  
        • Just one big, shared outline--no content permissions  
      • 6 Technology (3)
        • IIS on Windows NT 4.0  
        • IE 5.5 for Windows  
        • MDAC client-side database libraries  
    • October 2001-present   Started doing more product research, looking at what features are available in existing products, and what niches are not yet filled.
    • March 2002   Started a complete product rewrite in ASP.NET.
    • November 2002   Deployed an Alpha version of the product; still rounding out functionality today.
    • October 2010   Working on updated version of the outliner for HTML 5. Nearly universal support for editing outlines in the browser, with the widespread adoption of CONTENTEDITABLE.