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  • 6 Install the web application (4)
    • Unzip the web application files into a new directory   Create a new directory for your web application under the defaut web site(usually located at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\). Some suggested names for your new web application directory are dl or dynamiclist.
    • Create a new IIS Virtual Directory for your web application   Start the Windows administrative tool called the Internet Information Services console. Using the console, create a new Virtual Directory under the Default Web Site. Suggestion: use dl or dynamiclist as the alias. Point the virtual directory to the directory that contains your unzipped application files. Enable the access permissions Read and Run scripts for this virtual directory.
    • Disable anonymous access to the "administration" subdirectory   Using the Internet Information Services console, display the properties for the administration application subdirectory. Select the Directory Security tab, and press the Edit button. Disable anonymous access to this directory.

      Security note: Examine the authentication access for this directory to ensure that the chosen authentication method is suitable for your network. The default method, Integrated Windows authentication, is a good choice for most installations.
    • Ensure the IIS services are started   In the Internet Information Services console, verify that the Default Web Site and Default SMTP Virtual Server are both started.

      Security note: Be aware that your SMTP Virtual Server can be abused by users or robot applications accessing your computer over the network. For example, someone initiating an e-mail spam campaign could use your computer to send their messages. Verify that your network security configuration does not expose you to such risks. For more information, see the Access tab of the Properties form for the Default SMTP Virtual Server. Check the Relay restrictions settings.