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  • 6 Design issues (36)
    • 6 Server side (10) Lightweight. Connectivity not required.
      • This is the first line  
      • 6 Many people write and think while not connected to the net. Seems like disconnected editing is important, so it should be installable on a laptop.
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        • r  
        • 6 hfghfghfghfgh (1)
          • dghgfhfdhgfgh  
      • Minimal configuration required   Ideally, just unzip and copy some files, tweak a configuration parameter or two.
    • Png files  
    • 6 Gif files (1)
      • Cat  
    • Dog  
    • 4 Storage strategy (8) File or database?
      • 6 File (2)
        • [+] Simple and familiar  
        • [-] Rather limited regarding application functionality  
      • 6 Database (4)
        • 6 [-] More difficult to design, build, install, and use (2)
          • Harder to manage data   Requires insertion/extraction processes, which can be cumbersome and obscure.
          • Installation and portability   Platform limitations. More restrictive system requirements. Administration complexities.
        • [+] More powerful functionality is possible   Allows for the development of more sophisticated features: User tracking, archiving, auditing, item reuse, access control.
    • 4 Outline data structures (6) What does an outline item consist of? What ways can items be related to one another, beside parent-child? How do you represent transclusion relationships?
      • 6 Editable fields in Dynamic List (4)
        • Title  
        • URL  
        • Description  
        • Subnodes collapsed   Dave's expansion state, but stored properly--as an item attribute.
      • User-defined fields?   Separate the outline node data structures from the outline item data structures. This would allow for multiple types of items. Some examples: contacts, web log entries, scheduled events, locations.
    • 4 Collaboration (2) One outline with multiple contributors.
      • People who trust one another sharing outlines   For example, a list of project resources should be editable by any of the project's team members.
      • Input from random anonymous users   Perhaps my list of pointers to web resources is out of date. Should I allow you to update it for me, a la wikis?
    • 4 Transclusion (1) On-page transclusion of outlines between domains.
      • Another form of collaboration   This form of collaboration has well-defined boundaries.