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  • 6 Set the configuration parameters (7)
    • Install the Web.config file   Move the configuration file Web.config from the setup subdirectory down one level to the root directory for your web application.
    • 6 Modify the application parameters in Web.config (5) Open this file using Notepad or some other text editor. Scroll to the bottom on the file.

      Find the section named <appSettings>. Modify the following parameters as described below.
      • connDbMain.ConnectionString   Modify the value for the "Data Source=" portion of the database connection string. Provide the full path and file name of the dynamiclist.mdb file you've installed. For example, use C:\Inetpub\databases\dynamiclist.mdb if this is where you've installed your MS Access database.
      • EmailMessages.FromDefault   Specify the e-mail address that will appear in the from field of automated e-mail messages generated by your web site.
      • EmailMessages.SiteAdministrator   Specify the e-mail address of the web site administrator for your installation. The address will be embedded in automated e-mail messages sent to users of your web application.
      • EmailMessages.NewUserNotification   Specify what e-mail address to use for receiving new-user notifications. The message sent to this address is small enough to be received on devices that support SMS text messaging.
      • EmailMessages.SmtpServer   Leave this parameter blank. Can be used to define an alternative SMTP server, other than the Default SMTP Virtual Server.